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Veteran Interview
"OnAir" collection:
December 26th Interview with Explorer and Author
David W. Jourdan

Our Christmas weekend present to our audience on December 26th is an uninterrupted and fascinating interview with one of the preeminent explorers of our time. This special interview made possible by Mr. Bill Allen and conducted at his "Allen Airways Museum." A true San Diego treasure located at Gillespie Field.

This David W. Jourdan interview covers Amelia Earhart search techniques and Battle of Midway discoveries:

"The disappearance of Amelia Earhart is possibly the greatest aviation mystery of the twentieth century. Amelia and her navigator, Fred Noonan, vanished without a trace in the vast Pacific near tiny Howland Island during their attempt to circle the globe on July 2, 1937. No wreckage, oil slick, or floating debris of any sort was ever found..."


December 12 interview with
retired Marine Corps fighter pilot and author Jay Stout

Having flown the F/A-18 with VMFA-451 during Desert Storm, Jay well qualified to discuss "OnAir" a number of aviation topics. This week we attepted to cover many aspects related to the content of the latest of his seven books.

At the outset of World War II the U.S. Army Air Corps numbered only 45,000 men and a few thousand aircraft — hardly enough to defend the United States, let alone defeat Germany's Luftwaffe, the world’s most formidable air force.

Yet by the war’s end the Luftwaffe had been crushed, and the U.S. Army Air Forces, successor to the Air Corps, had delivered the decisive blows.The Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe tells the story of that striking transformation, one of the marvels of modern warfare, while simultaneously thrusting the reader into whirling, heart-pounding accounts of aerial combat.

10-10-10 in-studio special guest, WWII B-17 pilot and POW
Ed Davidson
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December 5th Broadcast features interview with USMC Major Snuffy Brown by "OnAir" Co-Host John Telles. John, recipient of three DFC's and Air Show Chairman of 2011 "Wings Over Gillespie" will be interviewed by "OnAir" Historian Mark Carlson. Mark will also provide a "Pearl Harbor History" segment.

Major Snuffy Brown interviewed by "OnAir" Co-Host Col. John Telles at the Flying Leatherneck Foundation Chalet, 2010 Miramar Air Show.
Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez hugs the mother of fallen service member Marine Sgt. Raul Moncada as retired Marine Col. John Telles looks on. John, a Vietnam veteran who was the Marine One helicopter pilot for Presidents Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford, delivering the keynote address at the November 6th “Honoring Fallen Heroes” event in Orange County.

From RAF Pilot to
Space Shuttle to
Global Hawk

Special 10-17-10 Guest
Robert Mitchell  

November 28th In-Studio Guest
Mr. Chuck Sweeney, President.The Distinguished Flying Cross Society


Nov. 28th recorded interview with DFC recipient USMC Col. Keith Hollenbeck who was the first to land on Iwo Jima delivering vital supplies in the thick of combat in his heavily loaded with ammo and fuel C-46 Commando.

November 21 interview with
author John Tippets

The events of January and February 1943 were central in the lives of Joe and Alta Tippets. The “Gillam Crash” of the Morrison-Knudsen Electra, on which Joe was a passenger, was well known to aviators in Alaska. Harold Gillam was a celebrated bush pilot. The challenging winter of ’42-’43 was described as the coldest recorded in thirty years, and the inspiring accounts written by the survivors have stirred the hearts of many. It is a true Alaska adventure story—a struggle against all odds to overcome the wilderness and ultimately find rescue.

First discussion topic:
November 21st

This week's unavoidable TSA aviation security topic discussed by aviation professionals including Mike Doerr, President and CEO of Air2Air Corporation and former Navy and Northwest Airlines Pilot.
Air2Air Private Air Charter
Air2Air preflight briefing of passangers. Charter flights available to many locations.

We continued Veteran's Day week Rememberance on November 14th with an interview with Patrick Douhan, a survivor of Typhoon Cobra that hit Halsey’s Third Fleet of carriers and ships supporting MacArthur’s invasion of the Philippines.

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